Small Season-Salad

Tomato/ cucumber/croútons/house-dressing   4,90€

Wiener Backhendl Salad

Roman-salad/ egg/ parmesan/ anchovy with corn poulard breast   15,90 €



5,90 €


Tagliarini “vegetarian”

 fruity tomato sauce/ parmesan /vegetable   12,50 €

Tagliarini “verde”

Beef strips/ creamy mushrooms   14,50 €

The Classics

Braised Ox Cheeks

apple-red cabbage/ baked potatoes   16,90€

“Globe” XXL Burger

“prime cut” 100% beef/ homemade sauce/ bacon/

cheese/ onions   12,90€

and french fries   + 3,50€

Giant Porc Escalope

french fries or baked potatoes

with herb sour cream   13,90€

Grilled Beef Steak

twister french fries/ sour cream   16,50€

From the Sea

Grilled tranche of salmon

Tagliarini/ wild garlic/ cherry tomatoes   17,90€

Sweet Graduation

Chocolat Moelleux

with pistachio ice cream   6,50€