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BELANTIS - the adventure world

Is a unique leisure experience for families looking to embark on an action-packed adventure together. Located just outside Leipzig, the family leisure park with over 60 attractions is fun for young and old. Various roller coasters, numerous roundabouts and dozens of rides provide the guests with endless fun.

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ZOO Leipzig

Explore a fascinating wilderness - in the middle of Leipzig. Here you will experience pure biodiversity and natural habitats in six exciting worlds of experience. They learn why nature conservation is so important and can go on a discovery tour 365 days a year. Our livestock houses are worth a visit all year round: Europe's largest tropical adventure world Gondwanaland and the world's only great apes Pongoland as well as our bird house, the elephant temple, the terrarium or the koala house are waiting for you. And even in wintry temperatures, for example, tigers and leopards feel good outdoors.

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Zweifinger-Faultier auf seiner Anlage im Gondwanaland
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Panometer Leipzig

The 32 meter high panorama CAROLAS GARDEN - A Return to Paradise "brings the world of the microcosm to life for the first time. In his new 360 ° panorama, Yadegar Asisi places a calyx in the center of contemplation. The visitor "shrinks" in the 32-meter high panorama to the size of a flower pollen and discovers the fascinating scenery within a native garden in an unprecedented magnification. On the one hand, the 3,500-square-meter artwork addresses a world that everyone seems familiar with, and on the other, CAROLA'S GARDEN opens up insights into structures and details in nature that are otherwise hidden from the human eye.

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